Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York


Dear RSNY Church Family and Friends,
With Thanksgiving soon upon us, we are mindful of RSNY Synod Congregations and Classes that consistently and faithfully serve their church communities well. Our dedicated Synod officers and staff are relentless as we uphold the continued Christian ministry in our Synod and the world.
Over the years, The RSNY has grown and perfected its mission for meeting the needs of our family churches and mission services. We have done this by providing a host of ministerial services, including assistance for pastoral care, financial assistance for youth programs and advocacy work in social justice.
I am constantly being taught by our members how grateful they are for love. Just a little bit of love makes their hearts thankful. Recently, as I visited various churches in our region, many verbally expressed their gratitude for the work of our Classes leadership, our Ministers and Synod, even while their giggling comments and remarks for more was expressed with a sparkle of grateful glee in their eyes. My heart raced with joy, and I was encouraged to keep going, my level of loving strength facilitated by their sweet faces of thankfulness. Our members and friends grateful love is such a helpful reminder of how we can always thank Jesus for His love.
We truly have a lot to be thankful for during this pandemic: Thankful for God’s Grace and Mercy, for our loved ones, peace in our homes, prosperity, health, and the ability to witness God’s love to a broken world.
Finally, As I preached from one of the lectionary series, the Prophet Haggai reminds me of how many of our churches have undergone changes in our worship experience, but the reason for the Thanksgiving celebration remains a daily prayer. God still provides the care and compassion for his children and is still worthy of our offerings of gratitude. As you set aside time to praise God for Jesus’ faithfulness and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, may God bring joy and happiness to you and yours at Thanksgiving gathering.
Rev. Dr. Micheal Edwards
Executive Minister