Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York

Celebrating our Unsung Sheroes and Heroes

Since 1992, October has been known in the religious community as National Clergy Appreciation Month. As your Executive Minister, I see every Clergy as an unsung hero in the Christian Ministry. This is a person who has achieved great things and committed acts of self-sacrifice for his or her church community and is oftentimes not recognized for his or her services and time.

As a pastor, I can attest that this calling has sometimes been the most stressful and difficult time in my life. This is a role 365 days a year in ministry and there is no defined hourly time. I continue to attend to someone who is sick or has died, minister during a divorce, or family crisis, providing counseling services, perhaps mentoring a colleague, or when life requires difficult choices for consideration, I was often the first person called as the pastor of the church. I serve as a leader in the community through many agencies, especially the Police Precinct. I realize that financial and emotional stress can be overwhelming to maintain a healthy family life and might lead to indicators of burnout.

Pastors are often seen as being strong and capable of managing all situations and circumstances in life…The Unsung Hero, but We are only human.

During this month and beyond, Pastors need support, words of affirmation, and encouragement just like everyone else in professional–vocational life. In fact, because of the unique challenges we face, pastors often need it more than Elders, Deacons and members can imagine on Sunday morning.

Happy Appreciation Month