Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Dear RSNY Church Family and Friends,

As we take time to observe Women’s History Month, I want to encourage members of our Synod to take a moment to reflect on the amazing women who helped shape you into the person you are today. As you reflect on these precious memories, thank God for the women who helped refine your Christian development, especially in the Reformed Church in America. If they are still living, tell them how they blessed you in their testimonies of living.

Rev. CeCe Winans is a remarkable woman who has extraordinary talent and compassion for others in their Christian journey. In her book, “Believe for It: Passing on Faith to the Next Generation,” she wrote about how faithful God has been in her testimonial journey and the power of God’s Grace in the world. She wrote, “I have always appreciated my rich Christian heritage, I think that’s why I’m passionate about influencing the next generation.”  Passing on our faith to our families and church families from generation to generation was important for Christian Growth.

As I read her book, and observed my mother in a nursing home, I thought about the two of them and their passion for sharing God’s Love with a broken world. As I encourage the Spiritual gifts of God, I recall women who served faithfully in the Reformed Church in America, especially as we observed 50 years of Women in the RCA Ministry. Elder Mary Brown served as a woman on the RCA General Synod Executive Committee and also the RCA General Synod Program Council (particularly used her vacation time from her job to attend to RCA Services). Her leadership and advocacy for inclusivity and providing effective educational tools for lay leadership in the l970’s are to be commended. The late Elder Maria Garcia served on the Hispanic Council. She promoted a ministry of evangelism and Christian witness in the Urban church communities – Street Corner Ministry. Elder Dorothea Sadler worked diligently and silently with the Women at the Bronxville Reformed Church to provide educational tutorial services to children in the Urban churches. Elder Honey Wada extended her missional concepts to the Classical Women’s Ministry to immigrants, especially to the Japanese Church community in the city. Rev. Laura Lin reached out to immigrants at City College in the proclamation of God’s Word. Rev. Salome Ryew serving as the General Secretary for Korean Ministry.  Rev. Sharon Atkins is Instrumental in Youth Visionary Ministry and brought A  Youth Ministry called Spectrum to our Synod. Rev. Terri Troia designed a Soup kitchen at the Brighton Heights Reformed Church that evolved into a program of Project Hospitality Ministry to the needy. The Elder (Rev.) Cora Taitt ministered to the power of God in the Bronx community and planted a new church to start a ministry at the Highbridge Community Church. Rev. Maudlin Willock brings a spirit of renewal to the Carnise community by serving at the Carnise Reformed Church. Rev. Susannah Wade, who served as (Elder) Vice President of the Collegiate Consistory, now serves as Associate Minister at Marble Collegiate. And finally, The Rev. Dr. Renee House who was under the care of the Classis of New York and ordained by the Classis, dedicated her time to mentoring candidates under the care of Classis. Rev. Dr. Renee supervised churches with pastoral care, served as a librarian to the Dean of Academic Affairs at the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, wrote Christian books on Christian Discipleship for the advancement of those seeking a Christian Educational Service, and served as General Synod Professor. These women, especially Spouses of Ministers of Word and Sacraments, and many who are not named exercised their gifts and used their time to reach out, encourage, and strengthen those around them in equipping the next generation.

We continue to celebrate all women in our Classes, Consistories and Congregations.


Rev. Dr. Micheal Edwards, Executive Minister