Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York

Labor Day Blessings…Have a great Church Year!

I hope this message finds you and your congregations well and encouraged by the blessings of our faith and mission to serve faithfully. As we come together to celebrate another season of the church, I am excited to share words of excitement as we enter another season of church opportunities that has the potential to bring new life and energy to our congregation.

Everything starts after Labor Day. It was true when we were children and it is true today, the fullness of the church activities resumes with a bang: Homecoming Sunday, Renewal Sunday, and Family Day…. That sense of excitement and trepidation we felt as kids is not that much different from what we feel today. Recalling my days as a church member, Deacon, Elder, and Minister of Word and Sacrament, I share your excitement and want to send you my prayers as we confront a new beginning with so much violence in the land.

As your Executive Minister, I have always had a formidable workload. During the pandemic years, it has been crushing and many of us are still on the road to recovery. There are more Christian educational and emotional needs to address than ever before in our church community, amidst the most heated pandemic climate in recent history.

As your Synod, we want you to know that you are not alone. We urge you to continue to be prayerful as we walk this life journey with expected and unexpected challenges. Also, please take advantage of the resources, including Consistory Training, leadership training, and Global Mission Opportunities. Be on the lookout for our upcoming training schedule for the fall.

The importance of what Christian leaders, both Church-based and Specialized Ministers-based, do for Congregational members and friends, staff and communities stand out now more than ever. You are the most respected leader in the life of Jesus’ Church and you have all our admiration and support.

Be well, stay well…

In solidarity,


Rev. Dr. Micheal Edwards