Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York

Taking Time to Remember and give thanks!

There are many in our churches who have a special place in their hearts for Memorial Day. Although it is not a church holiday, it is a significant holiday for the church and a way for the church to honor those who died while serving in the Armed Services. The Day is an American church tradition after the Civil War, which was known as “The Decoration Day”, especially as families and churches placed flowers at the graveside of their loved ones.

Today we have a broader perspective of honoring military service by expressing our thankfulness to all Americans who died while in the military and also by celebrating and honoring all military personnel who have served and who are serving. These sacrifices are acknowledged and lifted to be honored and, when necessary, emulated by those who are still living.

As we gather for worship this Memorial Day Sunday, the RSNY encourages you to lift up and honor all those who served and are serving us in the military.  And as we honor these brave men and women let us be attentive to the working of God on the Christian Battlefield. My RSNY family have a blessed and safe Memorial Day Weekend.


Rev. Dr. Micheal Edwards

Interim Executive Minister