Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York


Many Leaders are experiencing anxiety as they plan to re-open the building of their church.   Some have questions around what do we do? How do we do it? How do we outreach to hurting communities? As Pastors and church leaders, we realize that God’s church is an integral part of the various communities and affiliations we serve spiritually, emotionally, and socially. Up to now, we have mostly responded to this pandemic by our prayers, and hopeful words of encouragement, breaking fears, building trust and resilience for emotional and spiritual healing. Many of you continue to provide biblical studies and prayer time on Zoom, phone conference and other social medias.  However, as we move forward God may be calling us to do something new in the way we minister to our congregation and community.  Where we have provided spiritual and emotional support, we may  now need to provide healing of systems that have failed the community, challenge disparities, especially health disparities in underserved neighborhoods.  Jesus ministered to the total need of the community in which he served.  If they were hungry, he fed them; if they were sick, he healed them. He even provided wine for a wedding when the wine ran out. Going forward we may need to re-assess the needs of our community and see where the church is needed and show up there!