Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York

Merry Christmas to you and yours from the RSNY

Wartime Christmas
Joyce Kilmer, 1886 – 1918

Led by a star, a golden star,
The youngest star, an olden star,
Here the kings and the shepherds are,
Akneeling on the ground.
What did they come to the inn to see?
God in the Highest, and this is He,
A baby asleep on His mother’s knee
And with her kisses crowned.

Now is the earth a dreary place,
A troubled place, a weary place.
Peace has hidden her lovely face
And turned in tears away.
Yet the sun, through the war-cloud, sees
Babies asleep on their mother’s knees.
While there are love and home—and these—
There shall be Christmas Day.


Beloved Sisters and Brothers,

As we near the end of Advent and enter into the season of Christmas, it is my great hope that you are surrounded by those whom you love; if not in person then certainly in spirit. May you awaken on Christmas morning to see the Savior anew, as a child, with wonder and awe. May the miracle of Jesus’ birth bring you great joy and deep peace.

Together in peace-hope-joy-love