Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York

God is Good!

Synod Family,

Many of you took the time and opportunity to share about the goodness of God in the midst of COVID-19.  One would ask, “good?”  And the response would be, “Yes Good!”  For many churches, Sunday attendance in worship doubled or tripled with people who have never enter a church building, or participated in a Zoom meeting, or Conference Phone Calls. Bible Studies on social media literally increased overnight and our Outreach and Mission Services grew with more community contact than ever before. Hearing these words of Hope and encouragement from our congregations have made these WOW moments in my journals.

The Good News of Jesus Christ which is always refreshing has prompt many of us to seek a spiritual revival experience! The Good News of Christian Worship in the resurrection is a daily restoration in our appreciation of God’s mysterious ways; A revival of motivation to get our Consistories on that same Holy Spirit Train that is moving forth; A move that will minister to those who cannot leave their homes but are able to connect to our worship fellowship; a move to support those who have lost their employment and are not able to give their tithes and offerings; a place for a generation who may not want to be confined to a building but would give time to worship by social media; approachability to engage in conversation about learning of God in Book Clubs and Movie Nights with brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus gatherings. And accessibilities for the disabled to worship from home without restrictions.

Perhaps God is challenging the church in ways we may never have discussed in our Consistory meetings to “New Things,”  a foreign discussion in our agenda or in our thinking pattern for mission engagement.   New possibilities can be endless in doing Ministry and Mission services in our church communities, addressing grief, mental illness, repentance, worship, gratitude, brokenness in families, and a commitment to meet challenges when avoiding the Cross of Jesus Christ as a WOW moment of hope.

So, my brothers and sisters, instead of worrying over the uncertainty around reopening and about vision 2020, let us allow the Spirit of God to use this  moment as an opportunity, as the prophet of God announced, to do a new thing in our reopening.


Rev. Dr. Michael Edwards                                                                                                                                                                                           Interim Executive Minister