Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York

Celebrating Women

As we celebrate Mothers and Women during the month of May, we recognize that for many of our churches, women are the backbone of maintaining Church polity and the governance of the church, even when many in the past were not permitted to serve as Ministers of Word and Sacrament, Elders and Deacons on the Consistory.  These women exhibit a deep appreciation for the workings of God’s church and the Gospel message of Jesus on the Cross. Often faced with the difficulty of keeping silent when the church was indifferent of the Gospel Message, these women were the foundation for their children’s Christian Education and had the ability to transform and connect the church to communicate their knowledge with reverence and respect for their wisdom to bless others.

These faithful women served in the Gospel Ministry of Jesus as Sunday School teachers, fundraisers, cooks in the church, church treasurer, youth leaders, Arts and Crafters, evangelist, missionaries, Ushers, choir members, music directors, and cleaners. Their roles centered theologically on the ability to be faithful servants of God, despite their titles and education.

My best teachers in the faith came from Church Mothers through their love for everyone and taking time to encourage children and young people to serve with joy. These Church mothers-maintained Church History and fulfilled an oral tradition of passing on cultural meanings of the perceptions of Christ’s Love, despite Racism, Classism and Gender differences.

As a Synod, we are delighted to celebrate the workings of our mothers, church mothers and women of God, especially their willingness to serve God with love and compassion as faithful women.


Rev. Dr. Micheal Edwards