Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York

Celebrating Women…

Throughout my Christian life, Christian mothers have functioned in the developmental aspects of Church Growth. So often we ask our church mothers to be mothers in a very personal way. We honor their wisdom and love for God. We observe them, especially in times of grief, their faith holds the family and church family together and encourages them in trusting in the love of God. I grew up at the Elmendorf Reformed Church, which had many mothers who mentored us into children of God. Elmendorf was one of several predominate African American Mission Churches (many of the African American Churches were known to be or labeled Mission Church to seek funding from the North American Mission Board for white pastors to be installed) that acknowledged older women who exhibited a deep understanding of their faith and ability to communicate their knowledge with reverence and respect for their wisdom. In a positive way, they were church theologians.

Mothers’ and women’s examples of faith continue to inspire the Church to this very day around our Synod. These mothers and women of the church are models for all believers, and we learn how to live a life of virtue from their struggle to keep our Reformed Family inspired. We continue to remember and learn from their words of encouragement and faithfulness.

The impact of Church Mothers and Women continues to be essential to the growth of our churches in the ages. Take time to listen to them. As we celebrate 5 decades of RCA Women’s ordination as elders, deacons and ministers of Word and Sacrament we are reminded of how much women loved their Church! Titles were not and are not essential for them as they encourage many in the Word of God to go forth.


Rev. Dr. Micheal Edwards