Executive Minister's Desk

The Regional Synod of New York

A WOW Moment

Greetings My RSNY Family,

I had a WOW moment in 2020 at an installation service, and I wanted to share this experience with you. With my mask sealed to my face, I was in a praise moment of WOW! Yes, WOW!

I was blessed to be at an installation service, where I offered words of greetings from the Regional Synod of New York as the Executive Minister. After the installation of the Minister of Word and Sacrament, the Consistory members came forth to the altar and each member offered a prayer during the “Prayer of Blessings”. WOW! Rarely do you see members of Consistory publicly praying for their pastors, individually and collectively.

Recent studies have showed how about 70% of pastors are being burnt-out in their early ministries. Many Pastors and their families feel isolated in the midst of caring for others. Some do not have close friends to talk to about their burdens, and some are experiencing social distancing because of who they are in ministry and not because of Covid-19. Some Pastors feel they can’t share with their congregations their trials and tribulations in fear of weakness of their roles as Ministers or misinterpretation among the flock. And, at time Pastors are preceded by their congregation and the world as to the fact that their lives should be worry-free. They are the supermen and superwoman in their churches.

So, when the Elders and Deacons came to the altar and prayed for their new pastor, the Holy Spirit captured this moment that the Minister of Word and Sacrament’s families are like all families in the world. Ministers struggle with social issues and economic fears. Ministers might have mental, emotional and physical health issues. Ministers are concerned about their children and grandchildren. Some ministers are at the edge of homelessness. Ministers undergo so many pressures to maintain the life of the church as the Devil attacks the unity of God’s Church.

As I listened to those prayers offered by the Consistory members, I heard; We will walk with you in ministry, We are committing to the workings of God’s church, We will serve with you in mission, We will pray so the enemy will not do damage to our worship of God and one another, We will bless you as you bless us in Christian Love, and We will work together for the Glory of God.

As I drove back to the New York City from Mid-Hudson, the Holy Spirit reminded me, as a Christian, the importance of praying for our pastors, church leaders and the body of Christ, the Church.

It is so easy to criticize or damage our pastors, but God has called us to love them and pray for them. My Christian family, praying for your Pastor and their families can make a difference in their spiritual health. Your prayers can strengthen to serve God’s church faithfully.

This Consistory made a statement to commit to pray for their pastor and church family daily. Can you imagine what that kind of prayer can do in the life of one’s spiritual growth in the Lord Jesus? Can you imagine how prayer can lift burdens? Can you imagine a prayerful word can bring encouragement and hope to a broken world or hostile church?

Friends, pastors will only be effectual as we offer up prayers to God for His Holy Spirit to intercede in their, our midst. Remember, the greatest gift we can do as children of God is to have a Love of Prayer in our Breath…