The Regional Synod of New York

The Regathering!

“The Regathering! “
May 19-21, 2022 Retreat
Grace and Peace, fellow learners and leaders – We are very excited to announce the May 2022 Retreat in Ellenville NY at Honor’s Haven is happening May 19-21. Matthew 11:29-30, Nobody Ever said it would be easy…..except Jesus! Change is hard and change is everywhere. We invite you to come away and take a breath, breathe deeply, and re-gather with yourself, your leaders, and your Lord. Churches Learning Change is just that, a coalition of church leaders learning together how to navigate being church in a changed and ever changing culture.
Whether you are in for the long haul or just need a couple of days of respite this time is built to strengthen you and your leaders amid this transitional season.
This work may be done with frustration and exasperation (i.e. who made this mess? or, I suck, I’m such a mess!) or it can be done more slowly, carefully, intentionally, and with love and compassion. Picking up the pieces, with courage and love.
And, we’re not putting the pieces back the way they were before–they’ve been transformed by their experiences, and now will contribute to something new.
Based on participant feedback, this retreat will have two tracks, one for those who want a loose schedule and an opportunity to get away for a few days in a beautiful place with meals and lodging and other people present. The other track will be a part of the Churches Learning Change curriculum, slower than “usual,” with content sessions for unearthing Mental Models and the values of Courage & Love in the change process. ALL are welcome to either! Other activities will include guided hikes, art session(s), and a “scream fest.” Honor’s Haven also offers spa services, a zip line and rock wall for additional charges by reservation.
The cost for the retreat:
$250.00 Individual
$1,000.00 Church Team (Up to seven individuals)
$1800.00 Church Team for the May & October Retreat (Up to seven individual)