The Regional Synod of New York

Resources for active shooter preparedness

While we pray for safety and sanctuary in our churches, there is always the unfortunate chance of a tragedy in a church. Recently, several pastors have asked the Synod if resources are available for churches to be prepared for active shooters. Below are some helpful resources. You may also reach out to your local police department and ask if an officer is available to be present during worship on Sunday mornings, regularly patrol the church, or tour the building with you to look for minor changes that can be made to keep your members safe.

Resources: The National Disaster Interfaiths Network has released resources to help US Religious Leaders prepare for disasters. There is a general Tip Sheet, an active shooter resource, and a short guide for spiritual care following a disaster.

From FEMA: Resources to Protect Your House of Worship. This site includes tip sheets, video of webinars, info on trainings, and more.

Article: Churches and Gun Violence: 7 Practical Preparation Tips. These steps, provided by a former police officer turned pastor, are easy to follow, include minimal cost, and avoid the fears that these conversations can illicit.