The Regional Synod of New York

RCA offers race and ethnicity resources

44 percent of millennials in the United States belong to a minority race or ethnic group
50 percent of children under age five in the U.S. are minorities.
America’s multiracial population is growing three times quicker than the general population.
Minorities will become the majority in the U.S. within a generation.

In the midst of these changes, the Reformed Church in America is committed to a multicultural future freed from racism. The RCA has created a Commission on Race and Ethnicity (CORE). CORE works to ensure the RCA lives into its commitment to be multicultural and that people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds have a voice in the RCA.
CORE has made available many resources. Three free webinars on multicultural ministry and connecting across cultures are available here. A test to evaluate your multicultural ministry efforts is available here. Resources, including books and movies are here.

Additionally, CORE offers coaching and training opportunities. Contact Earl James (616-916-8077 or if you’re interested in coaching, training, or being part of a learning community focused on race and ethnicity.

In addition to these opportunities, CORE is looking for even more ways to help in their work against racism. Soon a “speakers bureau” will be offered, a group of diverse speakers who will be available to speak at churches. Also, check back for a series of short stories highlighting the contributions African American, Hispanic, and Asian people have made to the life and ministry of the RCA.

The RCA strongly believes in racial equality. Please utilize these exciting resources in your congregation.

To download a pamphlet about this program, click here.