The Regional Synod of New York

Mission to Fight Sex Trafficking

There is a global crisis with regard to child sex slavery. One child is raped for the first time every 30 seconds – some as young as age 3. As Christ’s church we are biblically mandated to do something (to care for the orphan). There is a Christian organization called Remember Nhu ( that is doing incredible work in the prevention of child sex slavery. Remember Nhu has grown, since opening its first home in 2006, to operating in 12 countries with over 50 homes and 1,300 children.

Due to this growth and the focus on opening new homes, Remember Nhu is in need of pastoral care and discipleship for their international and indigenous missionary staff to better equip them for mission. They’ve ask our help to create a global care strategy for their missionaries and to begin that work in their Chiang Mai, Thailand location.

In addition, over 90% of these girls and boys, while under the care of Remember Nhu, are coming to Christ in countries that are predominantly Buddhist, Hindu, Animistic, Communist, etc. There is a tremendous opportunity to disciple and equip youth and young adults for evangelism and ministry within their culture. The opportunity for creating Christian leaders to transform these nations for Christ is incredible. I believe the Lord has opened this door and invited us (as partners) to walk through it.

RCA pastor, Bob Abel, and his wife, Amy, have committed to serving children in Thailand who are vulnerable due to sex trafficking. Bob has served as pastor at Remedy in Sheboygan, WI for the last 8 years as a church planter/senior minister. His ministry has been to the marginalized, the homeless, and the “other.” Bob and Amy long to share Christ’s love with people so they will know there is hope and a future.

Bob and Amy have felt called to join the fight to stop sex trafficking, especially with children.  Through “Remember Nhu” they will leave the States for Thailand to live and serve there in this capacity.  Currently, they receive no support from any denomination and are seeking help from the Synod of NY churches in their mission.

If your church would like to partner with the Abels, please contact Rev. Amy Nyland at the Synod office.

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