The Regional Synod of New York


Dear friend,

Earlier this year, you covered 13 RCA missionaries and partners in prayer for 13 days. Thank you for giving your time to bring those serving in sensitive mission areas before God. I am so grateful for you!

I want to share another opportunity to support the needs of the most vulnerable people our missionaries and partners serve globally in word and deed. This holiday season, give those you love a gift of hope. Gift of Hope is a tangible way to provide basic needs, education, access to the gospel, and more to people around the world who need it most. Every gift you give through Gift of Hope reaches individuals on the margins with the resources they need but also the love of Christ. Here are a few of the needs we know about:

  • A sick child in a remote village along the Amazon River needs your help to receive access to a doctor and medicine.
  • A widow in India needs to provide for her family. You can help through the gift of a sewing machine and training.
  • A young woman in Nicaragua has land but needs your help to receive the skills and tools to properly farm to provide for her family.
  • An elderly man in Mozambique has never heard the Bible in his heart language and needs your help to access an audio Bible.
  • A community in Kenya needs your help to access clean water so their people will not continue to get sick.

You can learn more about each gift and make your purchases at If you’re interested in ordering a gift catalog, you can do so here.

Will you give lifetime impact this year?



Kelli Gilmore
Coordinator for Global Mission Marketing and Communication