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The Regional Synod of New York includes classes and congregations that are urban, suburban, and rural; large, medium, and small; black, white, Asian, Hispanic, and multiracial; progressive, moderate, and conservative—as well as those that don’t comfortably wear such labels. United in and through Jesus’s saving love, we rejoice in the diversity of our family of faith and we delight in the inclusive message of the Gospel. We honor Scripture as authoritative and divinely inspired, even as we recognize that we may have differences in faithful interpretation. Recognizing that our love is our response to God’s love and our grace a reflection of God’s grace, we welcome all.


Dorcas Prayer Shawl Ministry

"One one the newest outreach ministries established at Church of the Master is our Dorcas Prayer Shawl Ministry, led by Denise Reidy Martz (second from right). The Dorcas Prayer Shawl Ministry is based on the God's Hugs Prayer Shawl Ministry formed at Rush Temple AME Zion Church in Jamaica, NY, led by Rosette Hargett (sixth from left). Here they are together with members of both ministries giving out the prayer shawls. Truly this reflects God's Word telling the world that

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From the Executive Minister's Desk

Lenten Message: “Already/Not Yet”

I have been thinking lately about the phrase, “already/not yet.” It’s a phrase I learned my very first week of seminary in my New Testament class. The professor, Dr. Jim Brownson [1], was one of the most influential people on my journey to ordination. He taught our class about the nature of God’s kingdom or reign as already/not yet; it has already come to earth with the person of Jesus Christ and it has not yet come in its fullness --

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