Weekly News

The Regional Synod of New York

Lent…a time of reflection and renewal

As we continue to journey through the season of Lent, we honor the memory and mission of the Christian Church. We seek an opportunity to recall the stories of our Lord Jesus in His Passion, Death, and Resurrection. As a Synod, let us once again renew our spiritual commitment to Spiritual Justice and forgiveness for all people of God, let us again renew our commitment to deny and discipline ourselves in order to focus more on Christ Jesus. Our churches play a fundamental role in the continuing advocacy for equality and equity, and, as spiritual leaders, we are called to build on the Kingdom of God. May we draw inspiration from the stories on the road to the Cross to find the necessary strength and faith to continue missional work in our church communities.

May you be prayerful and discern God’s Spirit for our denomination, the continued ministry, and the mission of the Regional Synod, and encourage one another in Kingdom Building in our Classes and Congregations.

 Rev. Dr. Micheal Edwards, Executive Minister