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The Regional Synod of New York

St Paul’s Reformed Church: Engaging the wider community energized congregation

As part of a year long process of discerning the congregational vision for the future, St. Paul’s Reformed Church reaffirmed its understanding of the Gospel as including a call to work for justice. Out of this reaffirmation, the decision was made to renew the congregation’s commitment to work with the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered community for equality in society and in the church.

This focus has brought a new sense of purpose and life to the congregation as together programs have been put in place to implement this goal. People have come together to, among other things, make a banner of support for the LGBT community following the shooting in Orlando in June, to bake cookies for the local LGBT teen center and for the local AIDS Day observance. The congregation is making plans to host events at the church, in partnership with the local LGBT leaders, that will target the needs of LGBT teens and their families, and to participate in Long Island Pride in June.
Also the congregation will host a Long Island Room for All meeting in January.

Not only has this revitalized the congregation, it has also helped to make the LGBT community, and their families and friends, more aware that there are faith communities where they would be welcomed, supported, and find Christians willing to walk the journey of faith with them.