Thriving faith community serves Hudson Valley special needs families

About a decade ago, the Revs. Steve Dambra and Mark Mast planted a church in Dutchess County, New York, called Journey. It was seeded by several families from Hopewell Reformed Church in Hopewell Junction. But about a year in, Dambra recalls, “we realized we weren’t getting any traction.” From the end of one journey, though, came the beginning of a new and unexpected one. One of the members of the fledgling congregation, the mother of a son on the autism

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From the Executive Minister's Desk


We begin Lent in the wilderness, in the desolation of the desert in a world broken by sin. It begins there as a reminder that Jesus is transforming this world by his presence in and with it. Lent begins in the wilderness so that by the time we see Jesus enter into hell and death itself on the cross, we will have a firm sense that somehow – by a grace and a power we cannot imagine – he will

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