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The Regional Synod of New York includes classes and congregations that are urban, suburban, and rural; large, medium, and small; black, white, Asian, Hispanic, and multiracial; progressive, moderate, and conservative—as well as those that don’t comfortably wear such labels. United in and through Jesus’s saving love, we rejoice in the diversity of our family of faith and we delight in the inclusive message of the Gospel. We honor Scripture as authoritative and divinely inspired, even as we recognize that we may have differences in faithful interpretation. Recognizing that our love is our response to God’s love and our grace a reflection of God’s grace, we welcome all.


Recap from RSNY Annual Meeting, earlier this month

The Regional Synod of New York held its 2018 Annual Meeting on May 5 at the Doubletree Hilton in Tarrytown, NY. On May 4, a day of workshops offered by various people, many valuable and interesting presentations were made. We thank Rev. Joseph Holland for his discussion on faith based real estate development for churches, Rev. Bob Chase for his discussion of his book Beyond the Comma, Rev. Dr. Michael Bos for a conversation about Collegiate Church and its dual affiliation, Dr. Allan

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From the Executive Minister's Desk


We begin Lent in the wilderness, in the desolation of the desert in a world broken by sin. It begins there as a reminder that Jesus is transforming this world by his presence in and with it. Lent begins in the wilderness so that by the time we see Jesus enter into hell and death itself on the cross, we will have a firm sense that somehow – by a grace and a power we cannot imagine – he will

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