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The Regional Synod of New York

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Regional Synod of New York

Position: Synod Area Minister (2)

The Synod of New York has established two part-time staff and is seeking to hire two Synod Area Ministers, one for the northern portion of the Synod (Rockland-Westchester, Orange and Mid-Hudson), and one for the southern portion of the Synod (New York, Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau-Suffolk). The Executive Committee has put in place a Search Committee to fill these positions.

The following is information regarding the positions:

Job Title: Synod Area Minister

Supervisor: The Interim Executive Minister

Part-time Hours: 10 hours per week

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist Interim Executive Minister in providing:

  • Pastoral care to ministers
  • Work with the Classis and congregations in addressing ministry concerns and opportunities
  • Occasional shared responsibilities: Faith Walking, Mediation Team, and Administrative services.

Goals and Expectations:

  • Initiate and sustain contact with each pastor within the given Synod area of service
  • Be informed of the work of each Classis and provide support, resources and input as requested by the Classis or committee
  • Become familiar with resources on a wide range of topics and issues, and make them available when requested by ministers
  • Provide occasional opportunities for clergy to get together for things such as: fellowship, prayer, study and professional development.

Education and Work Experience:

  • RCA Minister of Word and Sacrament in good standing
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude and provide appropriate support, encouragement, advice, even when under pressure
  • Ability to work independently, carrying out assignments to completion with parameters of instructions given, prescribed routines and standard accepted practices
  • Experience of at least 2 years in pastoral leadership and participation in the work of the larger RCA (Classis, and/or Regional Synod, and/or the larger RCA).


If interested, submit the following to the Rev. Conrad J Strauch at, Please be sure to include the following in your submission:

  • A statement stating your current Classis membership and participation in the life of your Classis
  • A short biography focusing on your pastoral work and participation in the life of the RCA
  • Listing of any certifications, affiliations or training that would impact your work as a Synod Area Minister
  • A short essay on what you see as the gifts / skills you bring to the position
  • A short essay on how you envision enacting the responsibilities of the position
  • Three references (please be sure to include contact information and your relationship to the person): 2 from congregation(s) you have served or worked with, and 1 from a person in your Classis or other RCA body.