Job Vacancies

The Regional Synod of New York

Lyall Community Church, Millbrook, NY is seeking a full-time pastor

Job Description for Pastor at Lyall Community Church
Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary or school of divinity with a least five
years’ experience as an ordained minister. The individual should have an authenticity of
faith, and possess strong administrative and communication skills. Candidates should have
computer literacy, e.g., the ability to use Word for writing and communication, and to use
email effectively. An important factor in our consideration is that the candidate has the
ability to recognize talents within the congregation and the community, along with the
ability to build diverse relationships with individuals and entities within the community
that will foster Lyall’s outreach mission.
Major Responsibilities
• Oversees all aspects of worship
• Writes weekly liturgies, including sermons, prayers, and hymn selection.
• Maintains regular office hours
• Performs funerals and associated services
• Performs baptisms
• Performs weddings
• Conducts confirmation classes and leads Confirmation Sunday as needed
• Makes pastoral calls and visitations as needed
• Provides pastoral counseling as needed
• Leads adult Bible Studies and educational events. Recruits speakers.
• Administers the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund
• Leads the Nomination Committee
• Serves as the ex-officio Chair and a voting member of the Board of Spiritual Life
• Serves as a voting, ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees
• Serves as a voting, ex-officio member of the Church Council
Under the oversight of the Board of Trustees and the Personnel Committee, plays a
major role in the supervision of employees
• Under the oversight of the Music Committee, supervises the Minister of Music
• Serves as an ex-officio member of the Building & Grounds and Stewardship committees
• Serves on the Steering Committee
• Functions as the primary contact for any denominational relationship communications
• Acts as ambassador to the community
• Functions as the liaison for our five food programs: Meals on Wheels, Lyall Lunch,
• First Harvest Pantry, Food for Folks, and the Christmas Feast
• Functions as liaison with local ecumenical partners
• Functions as liaison with the schools leasing space in the building
• Functions as liaison with Alcoholics Anonymous
• Serves on Board of Directors of Church Alliance, low-income senior housing project