Job Vacancies

The Regional Synod of New York

Director of Music in Kingston, NY


The Fair Street Reformed Church in uptown Kingston, NY is looking for a Director of Music who would direct all aspects of the music program. We are a congregation with a long-standing appreciation of contemporary and traditional liturgical music. We have a modest music program consisting of a choir, praise team, two bell choirs, all accented with periodic performances by congregation’s youngest singers.

This position offers the opportunity to build a significant and lasting legacy of meaningful music programming for both the church and the larger community.

As the Director of the Music your work would be based on developing and promoting Christ-centered music programs that supports the larger ministry in the church and is nurturing for all our members. You would guide staff and consistory on all matters regarding music in the church, both professionally, and spiritually.

Specific tasks would include:

  1. Direct and build the senior choir with a goal of presenting one or more anthems each week (Sunday after Labor Day through July), including one mid-week evening rehearsal.
  2. Coordinate music selections for worship with the organist and the Pastor/Worship Ministry.
  3. Work with and help lead the bell choirs.
  4. Coordinate joint participation among choirs and musicians.
  5. Adequate piano skills required for rehearsal.

Currently structured as a contract employee, the position pays $250/week for 10-12 hours of work. We are hoping to build and grow the program in ways that will enhance worship and speak to and engage the larger community’s interest in music. This could take the form of a music academy for young performers, a series of concerts, collaborations with regional music groups etc. The base salary would grow as the auxiliary programs develop.