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The Regional Synod of New York

Easter Resurrection Reflection – Prayer, Praise and a Plan

This week begins Holy Week, a time of reflection in remembering the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a personal Via Dolorosa reliving Jesus’ footsteps as he walked the cobblestone road to Calvary.

In Matthew 21:9, as Jesus enters Jerusalem, the crowds were shouting, Hosanna!  “Hosanna” in Hebrew: hōˈzanə means “save” or “I pray.” Initially found in Psalms 118:25 as a prayer “save us.” Again used in the New Testament scripture, “Hosanna” is expressed as an exclamation of praise.  With prayer, praise, and a plan, Christ saves us!

Jesus Christ is nailed to an old rugged cross for the sins of all humanity, dying in agony, while his mother, friends, and an angry crowd looked on. I could only imagine the intensity of this surreal moment. Only a week before, the very same group was shouting “Hosanna!” And, now the same crowd’s shouting turns from praise to “crucify him!”

After he dies on the cross, he lies in a borrowed tomb for two days, but it was the third day, early in the morning, he rose from the grave.  Early Sunday morning, women came to the tomb and saw the stoned rolled away and proclaimed He has risen! Christ, the risen Savior! From death to a resurrected life, Jesus lives!  Remembering that I have done nothing to deserve this Salvation, but Christ has paid it all and all to Him I owe!  It was God’s grace alone that saves us.  So I too shout, “Hosanna” to the Son of David for saving me!

With prayer, Christ saves us! With praise, Christ redeems us! With a plan, hope delivers us! Christ the Resurrected Savior—has died, has risen, and will come again!

Vivian Campbell, RSNY Interm