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The Regional Synod of New York

An update from Warwick Reformed Church – from Kristin Sclafani

ordination of Pastor Rolfi

With By the grace of God we are Changing Lives By Christ’s Love at Warwick Reformed Church!
Backpack Snack Attack is feeding more than 300 children over the weekends in Warwick Township Public Schools. Christ Healthcare Ministries will soon be on campus twice a month offering free healthcare to those in need. Our ecumenical Youth Theatre is wrapping up rehearsals for Willy Wonka – the youth enjoy fellowship as they prepare for performances, but their focus is on raising funds to help those in need in our community. God is moving in mighty ways “behind the scenes” to ‘Change Lives One Performance at a Time’ in this dynamic group. Our Hispanic Ministry continues to grow under the leadership of Pastor Rolfi-Elivo Lopez, as we partner with WIN (Warwick Immigrant Neighbors) to provide the general support families need to navigate the complexities of immigration. Volunteers assist with transportation to medical visits and court hearings and provide education assistance through summer tutoring and English as a New Language (ENL) classes. Time and again Pastor Rolfi has seen God intervene peacefully in legal situations as he stands quietly in prayer with those in need, believing that God will make a way where there seems to be no way. In June we witnessed history at the ordination of Pastor Rolfi (pictured) into the RCA as Orange Classis’ first Hispanic Pastor. Recently we affirmed our intent to call the Reverend Stacey Duensing as our new Senior Pastor. Both Rolfi and Stacey are led by the Holy Spirit and enthusiastic about working together in ministry. May God’s kingdom come and His will be done, in Warwick as it is in Heaven!